A b o u t

Scandinazn is designed and produced in Vancouver, BC by Jamie Carlson.  

Carlson hails from Kelowna BC, where she began her life as a designer by reconstructing her old clothes into new creations in elementary school. Several sewing classes later, she made the move to Vancouver in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree from Kwantlen’s renowned fashion design program. During her time at Kwantlen, Carlson produced collections for 3 different charity fashion shows under the brandname Yüki. In the third year of her program, she completed a 4-month internship with established Vancouver designer Allison Wonderland, learning the essentials of running a small business. Carlson graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Design in Fashion Design and technology. For her grad collection, she designed a line of clothing for art-loving women over 55 bridging the gap between art-to-wear and ready-to-wear fashion. 

In the fall of 2012, Carlson launched Scandinazn; a line of clothing and jewelry incorporating innovative methods of construction, mixing new and recycled components. Scandinazn is inspired by her mixed Scandinavian and Asian ancestory, which comes through in her design aesthetic.  

Check out the latest from the Scandinazn online shop HERE!


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