Introducing SCANDINAZN

It’s time for me to start something fresh.

I started branding my homemade clothing back in high school, and have always used the name Yüki to define my label. Yüki comes from Yukie (you-key-eh), my middle name and my grandmother’s name, meaning “snowy branch” in Japanese. Yuki means “snow”, and the two little dots over the ‘u’ were my little way of making it look Scandinavian. Anyways, my label never really took on a direction. Over the years I designed collections for 4 very different fashion shows with 4 different markets, clothes for myself and friends, and clothes to sell online; all of which were tucked under the Yüki umbrella. The projects associated with my line had nothing to do with each other and created a confusing brand image. So in conclusion, the Yüki days are over.

what is next?

I’m re-launching the line under a new name, Scandinazn. My mixed Scandinavian and Asian heritage strongly influence my design aesthetic, so I came up with the name Scandinazn to pay tribute to that. The Scandinazn etsy shop is now active and is currently selling jewelry that features recycled leather and mineral beads. In the coming months, expect to see clothing up there as well. Our goal is to run a few staple styles, offered in a variety of exciting colorways, incorporating manipulated textiles. We aim to sell our goods in a couple boutiques around the city, and at some art and craft fairs. Scandinazn jewellery is currently selling at Two of Hearts at 3728 Main St, and will be part of the East Van Bazaar at the Waldorf Hotel on December 16th.

Recycled Leather-Looped Earring with Freshwater Pearl

Freja Necklace in Quartz- Recycled Leather strips with dusty quartz accents

Check us out on Facebook and Etsy!

One thought on “Introducing SCANDINAZN

  1. Jamieyuki san
    Nice meeting you today at kerry’s house.
    Your product and design are great.
    Keep on your fantastic creative work inspired from scandinazn culture.
    Yoshi and Kyoko

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