RISE Project: Recycled clothing.

Upon graduating from Kwantlen’s Fashion Design degree program, I got involved with a project called RISE. The RISE clothing project aims to have people re-think clothing consumption and gain awareness about how mass-production of clothing affects the environment. Over the last few weeks, I’ve produced 5 outfits for the show using recycled clothing. Here’s what I’ve come up with.

Dip-bleached on the bottom, dip dyed on the top. Recycled Denim.

Jersey skirt, dip-bleached and dyed, converted from a t-shirt.

Knit tank, sprayed with bleach

Cotton/Spandex leggings, sprayed with bleach

Recycled denim shorts dip-bleached and studded.

Le butt.

Hand-dyed and bleached out cotton jersey top

Romper, converted from a dress with center front metal zipper

Mens vintage canvas shirt, dip dyed, and converted into dress.

The show will take place in downtown Vancouver, sometime around July… I’ll post more information and links when they become available.



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